Monstrosity (series)

New projects (SERIES) Monstrosity GENRE Crime, Drama, Thriller, Black comedy, Detective, Based on a true story Story Booksmart SOPHIA, and her smartass best friend MORGAN are furious when their biology teacher DANIELLE gives them bad test grades that may hurt their college applications. When Sophia learns that her psychologist FATHER has taken Danielle on as…


The Final Six (series)

New projects (SERIES) The Final Six GENRE Sci-Fi, Drama, Based on the book by Alexandra Monir Story The Final Six is a young adult space thriller inspired endless curiosity with what lies beyond. It centers on an American-Iranian girl and an Italian boy, who never would have met if not for an urgent planetary mission,…


Tiergarten (series)

New projects (SERIES) Tirgarten GENRE War, Fantasy, Thriller, Detective, History Story During the horrific final days of Nazi Germany, an American spy, a Soviet soldier, and a German police officer must set aside their  bitter hatred to hunt a vicious killer through the crumbling streets of Berlin, only to discover that the man they are…


The Piper (movie)

New projects The Piper GENRE Fantasy, Horror, Romance Story A modern interpretation of the famous legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Liz moves to Hamelin with her daughter Amy and takes a job at the local school. Amy befriends a street magician, and when she learns the local legend about the Piper, she decides…


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